Postseason Red Sox are ELECTRIC

After what I would call a lackluster second half of the regular season, the Red Sox barely hung on to play for the Wild Card spot. But boy were we in for a treat from this team come time to take the field. The Red Sox have been absolutely electric since postseason baseball began. From … Continue reading Postseason Red Sox are ELECTRIC

The Future for the Red Sox is Bright

Spring training is finally here, we are weeks away from being able to pay for an overpriced beer and enjoy the Red Sox at Fenway. The part of that you should focus on is “Enjoy.” The Red Sox are heading in the right direction.  Bobby Dalbec is primed to step into the spotlight in 2021. … Continue reading The Future for the Red Sox is Bright

Welcome To The Joe Kelly Fight Club

Los Angeles Dodgers Pitcher Joe Kelly has recently been suspended 8 games for throwing behind Houston Astros players Alex Bregman and Carlos Correa. Which is funny, because now the MLB is protecting the Astros, after catching them cheating and letting all the Astros players get by with absolutely no punishments. So Rob Manfred and the … Continue reading Welcome To The Joe Kelly Fight Club

Joe Kelly Has the Largest Set of Rocks of Any Man, Ever

Okay, so the lead photo doesn’t do my statement any justice, but if you’re from Boston you love this man. Joe Kelly reignited the rivalry between the Sox and Yankees with one pitch. Well... one pitch and a few punches, but you get the idea right? It’s not often that you see a relief pitcher … Continue reading Joe Kelly Has the Largest Set of Rocks of Any Man, Ever

Cancel The MLB Season

The MLB is in absolute shambles as it faces a Covid-19 outbreak among the Marlins franchise and the consequences thereof. Not to say I told you so MLB, but I totally fucking told you so. If anyone saw this coming, other than me, it should’ve been Rob Manfred and the fact of the matter is, … Continue reading Cancel The MLB Season