Postseason Red Sox are ELECTRIC

After what I would call a lackluster second half of the regular season, the Red Sox barely hung on to play for the Wild Card spot. But boy were we in for a treat from this team come time to take the field. The Red Sox have been absolutely electric since postseason baseball began. From … Continue reading Postseason Red Sox are ELECTRIC

The Ugliest Divorce Of The Century

Being that child in the middle of parents feuding is never a fun time. Custody battles, constant arguments, and just pure anger make it tough to deal with mentally and physically. It’s exhausting. This is the exact situation that Packers players are in. It’s absolute turmoil over there in the Land of Cheese. A never … Continue reading The Ugliest Divorce Of The Century

Tom Wilson Is Trash

Here we are again with Tom Wilson blowing up the NHL with more hockey news regarding dirty hits and just trashy play. We’ll get into what a piece of shit he is in a minute. But first, let’s start by wishing nothing but the best and a speedy recovery for New York Rangers player Artemi … Continue reading Tom Wilson Is Trash

A Humble Farewell

Whether his last game or not, it doesn’t change the fact that Drew Brees didn’t have the best game of his career. But that’s okay, because in the eyes of many, Brees will go down in history as one of the greats to play the game of football. Drew Brees holding the Lombardi trophy after … Continue reading A Humble Farewell

Juju Just Danced On His Own Grave

Throughout the 2020 NFL Season, it’s safe to say Juju Smith-Schuster has turned heads a number of times. From becoming a Tik Tok sensation to dancing on Teams’ logos and getting absolutely leveled for it, Smith-Schuster has seen his actions come back to haunt him (and team) more than once. With his latest choice of … Continue reading Juju Just Danced On His Own Grave