Postseason Red Sox are ELECTRIC

After what I would call a lackluster second half of the regular season, the Red Sox barely hung on to play for the Wild Card spot. But boy were we in for a treat from this team come time to take the field. The Red Sox have been absolutely electric since postseason baseball began.

From being swept by the Yankees just a week prior, my hope was lost for the Red Sox to come into this postseason with the confidence and level of play needed to make it through postseason baseball. But damn was I wrong.

The Red Sox have been incredible since the Postseason began. With a score differential of 32-23 so far, not only are the bats swinging, but the pitching is holding its own too. In a new day and age where scores run higher and higher each game, the Sox have matched that ability like no other. A total of 63 hits in the last five games proves that and then some. 47 of those hits came in the last three games, making it the second-most hits ever in a span of 3 postseason games. The Sox also broke multiple records with five home runs during game 2 against the Rays. As if that wasn’t enough, the Sox currently have a total of 11 HRs over a 5-game postseason span.

Now onto the pitching. Although the stats aren’t like they used to be since the ball is being hit much, much more and much much farther nowadays, the Sox pitching still comes in clutch. Nathan Eovaldi is currently sitting with a beautiful 3-1, 1.93 ERA, 0.80 WHIP, and 32 SO for his postseason career. Tanner Houck and Nick Pivetta have been outstanding with a combined 19 Strikeouts. The pitching is doing exactly what it needs to do.

The chemistry on the team is absolutely mesmerizing and each player knows how to contribute perfectly. Very reminiscent of that 2013 WS squad. If the Red Sox keep this confidence and play up, a World Series can very likely be in store for the Beasts of the East. Alex Cora knows how to run the team and it seems like the Red Sox are finally falling back into place as the team to beat. Let’s hope they can keep this drive and electricity as they advance to the ALCS. Go Sox!

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