What is Going on in the NHL (Week 1)

What’s going on BOTA fam? Hope you all are ripping it up this summer and not pumping the brakes yet. I will be starting up a new segment here for news around the NHL as the free agency buzz winds down a bit. We will be taking a dive into absolutely mindboggling signings (Um Darnell Nurse….?/Did the Devils just repeat PK Subban history with Hamilton?). What is going on the world of Evander Kane? Who come the Blackhawks are pushing back so much in this investigation? When exactly will Seattle be able to contend? Grading the teams offseason, as well as our insight and predictions into this upcoming season. As always we thrive off the interactions of our follows and we would love to deep dive into any and all topics regarding the NHL that you guys want to discuss. I will be looking into a weekly live segment on IG when the season kicks off and would love to have all of you pop in to shoot the shit and talk about your favorite team. We hope to grow this page throughout this season and that starts with us pumping put content so look out for that. We look forward to the crazy season ahead full of bets where the loser gets a tattoo, copious amounts of shit talking and the epic brand building of Taping the Shaft! Shoot me a message on IG @tapingtheshaft or @notcredible with some topics you’d like me to discuss this week, any questions you have about the page itself or anything really, or your best roast about the NJ Devils. Lets rip it up fam!


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