32 Teams 32 Questions: Did the Bengals Make the Right Choice with Chase?

It’s easy for Bengals fans to get excited about the future. You drafted a star QB last season and this season you paired him with his favorite receiver from his time in the bayou. I mean just look at the 2019 stats.⠀

84 receptions ⠀
1780 yards ⠀
20 TDs⠀

Those are just monster numbers that separate Chase as a true alpha. Adding that talent to an already talented WR corps should make that offense elite….right?⠀

I was very vocal this off-season about how the Bengals should’ve prioritized protection for Joe. They had Sewell and Chase staring at them on draft night, but ultimately went for the LSU connection hoping to re-ignite their fire from 2019.⠀

That 2019 wouldn’t have been a possibility without an offensive line that would end up winning the Joe Moore award for the best line in the country. Last year the Bengals had the 30th ranked offensive line (PFF), allowing Burrow to be sacked 32 times (tied for second most), hit 42 times (tied for fifth) and led to their rookie star tearing his ACL and MCL. Not what one might call ideal.

As much as I love the idea of them reuniting, it won’t do anything if Joe can’t stay healthy because his line can’t protect him. The Bengals drafted Carman who struggles with fast edge rushers (PSSST. You’re in a division with TJ Watt and Myles Garrett) and a couple other young pieces who will need to develop, but it’s just not enough. They should’ve prioritized Burrow’s health and they didn’t, they’ve failed Joe. ⁣⠀

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