32 Teams 32 Questions: Who Will Start Week One for the Patriots

To say the Patriots were disappointing last year is an understatement. Both the offense and defense sputtered along to a 7-9 finish, the first losing season since 2000. Quick shoutout to the special teams unit though, y’all were the ONLY reliable unit.

With the 15th overall pick locked for the Patriots, the front office spent money like the kid in blank check (is that too old of a reference?). They dropped a record breaking $159.6 million in guaranteed money to fix the very apparent gaps on their team.

Part of that guaranteed money went to Cam Newton who put up stats way below his average including 8TDs and 10INTS. Was it smart? Probably not, but the Patriots gave him more weapons this year, so everything should be fine right?

SIKE! The Pats then mess around and draft Mac Jones, the polar opposite of Cam Newton, to compete for a starting job.

So now with a QB controversy in hand, what do the Patriots do to please the Foxborough faithful? From someone in the heart of this I’ll tell you right now, the people want Mac. They’re tired of Cam already and associate Mac with Brady, because apparently that’s a fair standard to set. Removing all Anti-Mac Jones bias out of this, it is not a good idea to start him week one.

I know Mac has had a strong Mini camp and I’ve heard all the praise for him from his time at Bama, but this isn’t Bama, far from it actually. Mac was able to lean on three-first round talents to extend plays off short yard passes and eventually chuck it deep to Smith who took the top off defenses.

The Patriots have no one who fits that mold and honestly, the offense is built for a mobile QB, but specifically Cam. They went out and signed two strong TEs in Jonnu Smith and Hunter Henry and made sure they bolstered their rushing by drafting Stevenson and re-signing White. It looks like a 2015 Carolina roster with slightly more fire power.

Will we see Mac start this year? Yes. Will it be week one? No. The Patriots should work with the vet, for better or Worse, and give Mac time to develop. The offense isn’t built for him and he needs time, he isn’t a day-one starter.

If they want him to be successful, the Patriots need to prioritize young playmaking WRs who can create plays. The Patriots didn’t build a team for Mac, they built it for Cam.

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