32 Teams 32 Questions: Is Tua the Franchise QB in Miami?

Tua Tagovaiola is the most polarizing player in the NFL right now. It seems as if there is a clear split of people who still believe from the #tankfortua days and people who are sold on him being a bust before year two.

Rookie Stats:

9 starts (6-3)

•completion % – 64.1%

•1814 Yards

•11 TDs/ 5 INTs

•52.5 QBR

Those stats aren’t bad, but that’s not what you want from a QB of a team who barely missed the playoffs. Two things can factor into those numbers: First is the weird QB competition that existed after Tua made his first start and the second is Miami’s young offensive line which was ranked 28th by PFF.

The line was good, not great and forced Tua and Fitzpatrick to release the ball faster than anyone else in the NFL (PFF), but I think the larger issue is the competition. Tua was very lucky to have a mentor like Fitzpatrick, but wondering each week who was starting doesn’t necessarily build confidence in a young QB. Now, Tua is all grown up and he will have to captain this ship.

The Dolphins have also removed all questions from their offense. They drafted Jaylen Waddle and Hunter Long. Then in free agency, they picked up Will Fuller. All of these players favor a quick passing attack which is Tua’s bread and butter.

The last point I want to bring up before we get to the conclusion is Tua’s injury. Tua suffered a hip injury that used to end careers twenty years ago, but with modern medicine, he was able to come back. Notice how I didn’t say recover? I am sold on the fact that his hip still bothered him last year, pain like that doesn’t just go away. That being said, he’s another year removed from that surgery and should gain some of his mobility back making the offense insanely more diverse.

So, here’s the question, where do I land on Tua. I am cautiously optimistic for the former first-round pick. They have stacked the offense around him and gathered a group of young, explosive offensive weapons. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that Tua is a future top-five QB, but he is the future of the Dolphins.

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