The Question Mark That Is Jerry Jeudy

Jerry Jeudy is one of the most debated WRs in fantasy football. He earned his first-round price tag during his time at Alabama amassing over 2,700 yards and 26 TDs during his three years at the program.

Jeudy had a disappointing rookie year getting only 856 yards and 3 TDs. Fans (myself included) were quick to jump on the inconsistent QB play, including one week of Kendall Hinton; but dive into his stats and you’ll see that he had a 8.8% drop rate on his 113 targets. He also had a league low 52 receptions among WRs targeted more than 100 times.

Hold on, that’s not the whole story. Let’s bounce back to the QB play. Jeudy also had the most uncatchable targets in the NFL per PFF (26). On the same hand, 24% of his targets were incomplete because of the QB play (PFF).

So here’s the question, do you blame Jeudy or the rotating QBs? If we were rational fans, we could just split the difference and move on, but we aren’t. It’s all or nothing baby.

Despite any preconceived notions about Teddy Bridgewater, he is a good quarterback and ill go as far to say, a massive upgrade from Drew Lock. So, if you eliminate the QB inconsistencies from the question, you’re left with Jeudy and his drops, which doesn’t concern me. We act like players don’t work on catching in the off-season. They don’t just accept their weaknesses and move on. A high drop rate is an extremely fixable issue. That’s completely ignoring the fact that he has elite separation and route running skills.

Jeudy is ranked as WR43 (STD) and WR47(PPR) on sleeper as of 6/15 and I expect him to out-perform that and finish as a low-end WR2. It will be better for him to split the workload with a healthy Sutton and have their stats feed each other.

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