Competitive Fighting is Ruining Its Legacy

The two major competitive fighting sports, Boxing and UFC, are tarnishing their names more and more with each fight and you should care a great deal. It’s bullshit that actual competitive fighters who care tremendously about the sport are overshadowed by pieces of shit who walk into a ring for some sort for a money grab. And yes I’m speaking about that Triller Fight between Jake Paul and Ben Askren and the upcoming Paul vs. Mayweather fight. Any logical person could see the second Ben Askren stepped onto the scale that the fight was fixed. The problem is that time and time again these fights are pushed so much that people pay the money and give them the profit and then stupid shit like this happens. And it’s honestly sickening.

Ben Askren at the weigh-in for his fight against Jake Paul.

Our competitive fighting sports have now entered a circle of regular routine where two washed up/garbage/half-ass celebrity wannabes talk all this shit and use the Connor McGregor attitude to push a fight to a huge payout, when in reality everyone knows the fight will be garbage or fixed to promote another money grabbing event. Fuck that shit. Enough is enough and we need to put an end to it. Floyd Mayweather, the Paul brothers, and now Ben Askren are all in it for a selfish goal of abusing their fans to pay for their stupid fucking antics. And the real fighters that work their fucking asses off to try for a championship or who have something to actually prove get to sit in the shadows of these pussies who couldn’t care less how many punches they throw or how many miles around the ring they can run when they’re making a HUGE profit off a garbage fight.

Specifically, I blame UFC and Boxing as a whole to allow this to happen. Dana White has allowed so much to happen for awhile with petty consequences. We can look back to the McGregor vs. Khabib fight. Literal threats and assault out of the ring and petty fines and suspensions followed like a routine. Because why set an example of your top fighters when they’re bringing in more money than God? Why bother setting a tone when it puts money in your pockets? And that is exactly what’s happening.

Boxing, obviously a slowly dying sport for awhile, found a little bit of life with top fights when Mayweather and Pacquiao decided to step back in the ring. But they pulled the same antics where Pacquiao never stood a chance because they let Mayweather run around for two hours because it brought in so much income to the sport. As Jay-Z once said “All that money in one night. $30 Mil for one fight, soon as all the money blows, all the pigeons take flight” which leads us right back to the beginning of the cycle. These selfish pricks make INSANE amounts of money off pushed fights that turn out to be garbage to go spend it on God knows what living their ‘lavish’ lifestyles. And as soon as that money starts to dwindle they talk up another fight. Because in Mayweather’s case, the money he makes from bullshit fights, overshadows every ounce of respect he has/had for the sport because he either keeps his bullshit undefeated record or he makes millions. So why care? Why even bother training?That’s what pisses me off the most.

Currently we have Logan Paul VS. Floyd Mayweather coming up on June 6th. These two shitbags have talked this absolute garbage fight up so much, that people are once again going to put a shit ton of money in the pockets of two trash humans, just to watch them pretend to fight and get beers after the cameras vanish. If we’re going to give these two credit for anything, it shouldn’t be about fighting; it’s gonna be about acting. Imagine being such a fucking tool that you have to grab your opponents hat off his head. And imaging being such a jackass that someone taking your hat has you threatening that man to the point he is “fearing for his personal safety”. Just get a fucking room and make-up after this fake fight you fucking losers.

Stop letting the UFC and Boxing turn into a shittier version of WWE. Stop paying to watch fights you know are only happening to put cocaine and hooker money into shitheads pockets. Stop this nonsense of funding shitty YouTubers’ 3rd Lamborghini purchase. Boycott this garbage or we’re gonna lose competitive fighting all together because the only people fighting will be horrible wannabe celebrities and 65+ year olds who ran out of money.

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