Is This It for Lebron?

Game six was last night, I had convinced myself it was all a story line. Lebron was down and out, his second star was fighting to play. I had sold myself on the idea that Lebron was going to drop 50 and push a game seven, but here we are.

The headlines had already poured in before tip-off. “Is Lebrons dynasty done?” “Is Lebron too old?”

I refused to believe any of them. I was convinced Lebron would be Lebron and dominate the playoffs.

113-100 in the Staples Center. On their home court, the fans who waited so long to see King James were left with a first round exit. 14-1.

As a Celtics fan, I should be happy. Our rival is finally regressing. The same man who took over games, couldn’t push his team past the Suns. I’m not. This is the end of a dynasty. A one-man dynasty.

This man who was a god to NBA fans, has shown he’s just a mortal man. The Lakers can surround him with talent, but as fans we have to face reality. Yesterday marked the end of an era in the NBA.

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