Rookie TEs: The Best of the Rest

Okay, so you didn’t get Kyle Pitts in your dynasty draft. Don’t panic. There are other options. Let us help you navigate this sea of rookie Tight Ends.

Pat Freiermuth (Steelers): 📈

Pat was appropriately named “Baby Gronk” during his time at Penn State. His ability to make great catches, be a reliable receiving option, and truck through defenders is overshadowed only by his injury history. Freiermuth has all the potential to be a TE1, but for now he is buried behind Eric Ebron. Stash him away and wait for Ebron to be a Free agent in 2022.

Hunter Long (Dolphins): 🪦

This one kills me because I was such a big Hunter Long fan, but he is fantasy irrelevant behind Mike Gesicki. Not to mention the wealth of offensive talent the fins have added including Will Fuller and Jalen Waddle at WR. Long has been reduced to a blocking TE in their system. Could he get some play, sure. Will it be enough to justify drafting him in the third in rookie drafts? Eh.

Tre McKitty (Chargers): 📈

Tre McKitty was a TE no one was talking about going into the draft. He played a blocking role at FSU and Georgia, but was predominantly a pass catcher in high school. He ended up in a great spot as he will immediately compete for the TE1 spot in LA. He doesn’t have break away speed, but he has reliable hands which makes me believe he will be TD reliant. Watch for him on the waiver wire later this season.

Luke Farrell (Jaguars): 🤷🏼‍♂️

I’m not sure if anyone knows what the hell is going on in Jacksonville. They might use their late round steal in Farrell as TE1 or they’ll mess around and sign RG3 and make him a TE; who knows! The thing that scares me about TEs in Duval is that Trevor never really used TEs in college. Braden Galloway was his TE all three years who’s career high was 369 yards and 27 receptions. Maybe things will be different, but for now, avoid Farrell at all costs.

Brevin Jordan (Texans): 🤗

The James rating system is just off the rails at this point. Brevin Jordan is an athletic freak. Mix that with a perfect landing spot and you have the Rookie TE2 folks. Jordan will immediately step into a “team” and I use that term lightly, that is rebuilding. The only thing that scares me is that we don’t know who his QB will be. Will Watson stay or is it Mills SZN? Either way, feel confident in his abilities as a pass catcher and draft him if you need to fill the TE gap.

Kylen Granson: (Colts): 😴

SLEEPER SZN BAAAABBYYY. Saying Granson is a TE is insulting to his ability. He’s lined up all over the offense including RB and Slot WR. If Frank Reich can utilize him properly, Granson could be the best steal of the draft this year, especially with small-hands Jack Doyle and “He’s still on the team??” Mo-Allie Cox ahead of him (for now) on the depth chart. ⁣

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