The Ugliest Divorce Of The Century

Being that child in the middle of parents feuding is never a fun time. Custody battles, constant arguments, and just pure anger make it tough to deal with mentally and physically. It’s exhausting. This is the exact situation that Packers players are in. It’s absolute turmoil over there in the Land of Cheese. A never ending battle that leaves the players traumatized that what was once a beautiful organization, has crumbled like a Nature Valley bar (you know what I’m talking about).

Sad Aaron 😦

In one corner we have the father, Aaron Rodgers. This man works his ass off but it takes a toll on his life. Working weird schedules, late hours, up early and home late kinda guy. All this man wants is to succeed in life and make his family happy. And during parts of the year, it is a happy family, but come the bad times, he is helpless and everything he says or does is wrong.

In the other corner, we have the Packers Organization as a whole, the mother. She tries her absolute hardest to keep her family safe and happy. She makes their schedules, she gives them allowances, she makes sure they’re doing the right thing and staying safe and protected. But, she wants the family together and to hear the right words and see the right actions, which never come from Aaron.

When things are good they’re great; like a nice bowl of Frosted Flakes (@ Tony the Tiger. Sponsor us you hoe). However during the rough times, everything each one does is wrong in some way. There is no happiness, just pure hatred for one another. And that is exactly where the Packers as a whole stand. Although I used a somewhat terrible analogy of the matter, you get the point. Rodgers and the Packers are constantly feuding and everything one does is wrong in the other’s eyes.

When the Packers are in season, Rodgers is putting up incredible numbers and wins, and everyone’s happy. But come around to playoff time and off-season, they hate each other so much that a mutual parting of ways seems inevitable but doesn’t happen. It’s a horrible, broken system that is not only ruining each other, but everyone involved.

The players suffer year in and out watching the organization rise and fall and place blame on Rodgers, while Rodgers does the exact same and places blame on the organization. Each is doing their own part to piss the other off and it’s a horrible, horrible relationship. Nobody wins, the players are miserable and have to decide who’s side to sit on. It’s a train wreck.

Cheeseland, hear my cries, listen to my prayers, and fix your broken marriage before it gets uglier than it already is. Take your HOF quarterback out to a nice seafood and cheese dinner (if that’s something they do up there idk) and make sweet, sweet love to make-up. I’m sure Rodgers would love every second of it.

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