J. Cole: Basketball Star?

J. Cole made major headlines last week when he announced his new album would be dropping on 5/14

The internet blew up with this news knowing that Cole was coming out with another fire album.

Well guess what…

Shams Charania, reported today that J.Cole is signing a deal with the Rawanda Patriots, a team in the Basketball Africa League.

This isn’t the first invite he’s received. Last year he was asked to try out for the Pistons.

This isn’t just a gimmick signing either, Cole can legitimately ball out.

Cole will only play 3-6 games this season, but this is still an awesome move for both sides.

The BAL is a new league that plays like the champions league in soccer. The best teams from their respective divisions, match up and play each other in a massive tournament.

Not to mention that the BAL is brand new. So, having a personality like J.Cole, to promote the inaugural season is massive!

As for Jermaine, he has been vocal about wanting to be the next Master P, a rapper turned NBA player.

As stated earlier, NBA teams know he has the ability, but is it really worth it to sign a player that is already 36? Easy answer, no. Sure he would be a low cost option, but it’s not worth investing time into someone who loves to rap and balls on the side.

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