Fuck ’em Lehner

My heart breaks for Robin Lehner this week. Everyone is so quick to stand up and talk about racism, LGBT rights and so many more issues (and rightfully so) but where is the support in arms when someone is battling such stuff as mental health, and the grips of addiction with drugs and alcohol? I feel so torn up for this man who has battled what 90% of the world will never comprehend and has battled back to nothing short of an elite goalie in the greatest sports league in the world. Now he has to deal with some beat reporter spreading rumors that he’s been away from the team because of mental health issues. Especially after being up front and honest about it in the past, this is the last thing he should have to be dealing with.

Maybe I’m more fired-up about on this than I normally would be because I just watched the Bob Probert doc this week, but there is a huge lack of support for those battling internal issues. Imagine dealing with not only an issue that could potentially get you fired if you bring it up to management or the coaching staff, but these hidden issues that so many go through are also extremely life threatening as well. I just don’t understand why this is such an overlooked system and it’s not just in the the professional sports world. It’s everywhere. Why were liquor stores considered essential, while gyms weren’t? Does anyone know the harm caused during this covid era? It’s was detrimental to millions of people. Drugs and alcohol have always and always will be the best friend of someone who is battling mental health, yet no one is talking about it. No one’s cancelling games for it, no one’s posting about it on ig. Instead we target and attack these players that are battling serious diseases that at the end of the day are biologically wired into them.

I speak so passionately on this topic as someone who abused drugs and alcohol for the better part of a decade and battled day in and day out for the last five and a half years to get and remain sober. My mental health the last two years of drinking and the first two years of being sober were some of the darkest times in my life. And even now those days still creep in and they’re nothing short of paralyzing and hopeless; regardless of profession, status, bank account, or anything else you “have”. Robin’s situation is no different, and for that I feel devastated for him after finally getting to a “green zone” spot and having it ripped from him by some dumbass beat reporter. Fuck off.

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