I am a broken man writing this article. The Packers have done it again. The NFC Championship is a curse for this team. I’ve defended Aaron Rodgers through thick and thin, he’s been my guy since I started watching football. Aaron, my dude, you had a shot. The refs were god-fucking-awful, I understand. But you had chances, multiple. I love you dude, but this was it. 😦

That play…..that fucking play. WHY DID YOU NOT TUCK AND RUN THAT BALL. You had it man, after that TD last week, you had it!!!! I thought it was bad luck, I thought it was the defense, the refs, no. It’s the offense, too many chances, not enough production. No excuses, it is what it is. Aaron, go find yourself a super team like Brady and get SB #2. Sorry Pack, sorry Aaron, it’s just not gonna work.

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