The Nationals Mean Business

As we know, the 2019 World Series Champs posted a less than spectacular 2020 campaign. Now, this past year is a tough one to pass judgment on, given the challenges and uncertainty faced by the entire league. The Nats themselves were plagued by injuries and COVID issues with key players. However, unlike a certain other team, *cough cough* Red Sox *cough*, the Nats seem to know they have a good window to compete here and they are taking full advantage so far.

To start, it appears that Stephen Strasburg will be ready to roll and rejoin his squad for Spring Training. This will be a massive help to a pitching staff that saw its share of struggles last year with a 5+ season ERA. The bullpen could use an extra arm or two for sure. Tanner Rainey had his breakout season last year being the most reliable guy in the pen posting some stupid numbers, particularly his 14+ K/9. Begging the question if he might find himself in a the closing role soon. Kyle Finnegan and Wander Suero also posted solid seasons for the team. With a good base the Nats have some options, they can ride with their current relievers and hope Will Harris can find something a little closer to his 2016-2017 form, or they can go after another hurler to bolster the squad.

Now bringing in outside talent is not something the Nationals are generally shy about and this offseason is no different. Josh Bell. Those crazy sons of bitches made it happen. They went out and made what will probably, outside of Trevor Bauer, be the biggest acquisition of the offseason for any team, finding a true succesor to Ryan Zimmerman. Looking to the outfield, the addition of Kyle Schwarber adds some needed talent, assuming we see some improvement from his 2020 campaign. He’s still a dangerous power bat to complement the other pieces they have in place.

With a squad comprised of Bell, Turner, Soto, Harrison, Schwarber, etc. plus a solid pitching staff and plenty of time to improve their roster even further, this is gonna be a very fun team to watch. Especially in what has the potential to be one of, if not the best division in baseball.

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