We are the Champions

16 first round picks. Way more talent. Way tougher and more physical team. Didn’t the US just almost lose to Finland?

Noise….that’s all it was. We heard it over and over again, and we hear it every year. No one is beating Canada. Well….suck it aye? These kids went in there and reminded the Canadian hockey club and the world, who the bigger brother is in this relationship. In an epic 2-0 showdown they came out and dominated the game right of the rip. After seeing Trevor Zegras warm up, I knew USA had it in the bag. Kid is something special and will be an absolute menace in the show for a very long time.

It just goes to show how just because you have a team of first round picks, that doesn’t secure you a gold medal. I think in the end it actually hurt Canada having that many top prospects on their team. In a tight game, you usually throw in you best line or top players, (watch any NHL game ever…Mcdavid goes in, or Crosby, Or McKinnon) and Canada just had too many of those guys, and when they went down 1-0 in the first it was a wrap. They moved away from a team sport and tried to do it on their own each shift and that will never get it done.

At the end of the day those kids on team Canada will be just fine and all of them will end up making millions upon millions of dollars in the NHL, and more than half will win at least one Stanley Cup. That being said, we won the gold, our money is worth way more, I think Aunt Jemima is an elite syrup, and will always be the dominating older brother of the Canadians.

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