Creds Best Bet of the Day. (Sunday)

New segment here as I like to occasionally throw a couple bucks down on a sports game when I see value that really sticks out to me. Let me just get out in front of the noise early as this is not a heart bet or a homer bet. Over the last few weeks this bet has hit and it is a type of bet that his hit at a great clip across the league this season. Tomorrow afternoon I am on the New York Jets OVER .5 points in the first quarter. Yes I know its the Jets. Yes I Know they are the worst sports organization in the history of sports. Yes I know they just did the most Jets like thing possible by ruining their shot at Trevor. Yes I know they are a train wreck inside a dumpster fire. That being said the Pats aren’t much better this year… The over .5 1st quarter bets across the whole league have been hitting at a very high clip this year and I think the jets have value here in this spot tomorrow against a shaky New England defense.

THIS IS NOT A PLAY I AM HAMMERING OR BETTING THE FARM ON. I don’t do that. In fact every bet I make is usually the same dollar amount. But as of Saturday night this is my favorite bet on the board so far. I will be doing more research and looking for some more value throughout the night and tomorrow morning so stay tuned to the Bota page for any updates! Play it or Fade it. Either way I’m going to get absolutely roasted by my co-workers and you the readers but frankly my dear, I dont give a Damn!

#TakeFlight #ByeByeGase

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