Mark These The Fuck Down…

With 2021 finally here and the sports world doing everything they can to get back to some sort of new normal; let’s take a look at some big events that will be can’t miss TV in the sporting world.

As we all know, unless you live under a complete cement foundation or some sort of “Covid Bunker” (Patent Pending) the NBA is back in full swing. Each team (baring any hiccups) will play 72 games and the playoffs are currently set to begin on May 22. They have worked in a play in Tournament for teams in the hunt currently set to run from May 17th to May 21. The All-Star break is set for March 5th to March 10th (although it’s a complete clown show every year but then again the whole league is complete shit show with over payed divas). Trade deadline is March 25th.

The MLB (the worst sport to watch on TV) is set to begin with opening day on April 1st. I’m literally falling asleep while writing about this sport. That’s how boring it is. Apparently they draft players as well which goes down on July 11th-13th? News to me…and apparently you can buy the first draft pick or it’s bid out or some shit? What the fuck?? The All-Star break will take place July 13th which is the only bright spot of this boring sport. If the Home Run Derby wasn’t a thing I would be completely detached from the game I once loved to play long ago. The Yankees have a game in the middle of bumblefuck Iowa this year to….seems like a pretty far trip from the Bronx for 9 innings of strikeouts, but I digress. Playoffs are set for October 5th, so tune in if you want to but I wouldn’t recommend it…

The NFL regular season is coming to a close and while the Jets won’t be in it, at least they have the first overall pick….oh…right… Adam Gase will be fired on Monday. Wild Card Games start next Saturday and will finish up on Sunday. Divisional round starting on January 16th, Conference Finals January 24th and the Superbowl will be on February 7th; with the Weeknd lip-synching at the halftime show. I’m pullin for either a Mahomie repeat or a Rodgers Ring but as far as this Sunday I am a full fledged Steelers fan! Black and Yellow babyyyyy!!!!

The NHL! My bread and butter!! For the teams that didn’t make it to the NHL bubble last year, training camp opened yesterday. (Yes my hockey team is part of that group, and yes I know all of my teams suck at their respective sports….) The rest of the teams training camps are set to start on January 3rd. Come January 13th we are at full steam ahead and have at least one game every night for the next 150 someodd days. LETS FUCKING GOOOOO!! Each team is currently scheduled for 56 games and they will all be divisional play with the realignment of the divisions do to travel restrictions. Every game now matters that much more in a shortened season while every game will be played against a team that you will need to beat out for a playoff spot. The NHL today has announced that the Flyers and Bruins as well as the Golden Knights and Avalanche will play each other, *hold please* Lake-Fucking-Tahoe in Nevada on February 20th and 21st. Both of these games will be broadcast on NBC and will be must watch TV. The trade deadline is April 12th, with the last regular season game being played on May 8th. Playoffs start right after that on May 11th and the last possible date for the Stanley Cup Finals is July 9th. Expansion Draft for The Seattle Kraken will take place on July 21st and the hope is to start the 2021-2022 season at the normal start time in October. Also, due to the restructured divisions, we will get to experience the heated and hated “Battle of Alberta” 10 times. If you don’t know what this is or how truly great this current situation is, look it up right now……no like right the fuck now. Keep an eye out on Tapingtheshaft on IG and all podcast streaming apps for more info as the season gets underway!

In the UFC world we have one key event set in stone at the moment which is the McGregor vs Poirier rematch. Set to take place on January 23 on fight island. This is something that UFC fans have waited for for a minute now and ot is now fast approaching. McGregor has now come out of retirement like 4 times and his last fight opponent, while an all time legend in Cowboy Cerrone, it was someone that McGregor was always going to handle soundly. Now he’s set to square off in the cage against a very worthy opponent and if you don’t watch it, well then we are not friends anymore. Rumors and rumblings have also started to kick tires that the infamous Khabib wants the winner of this match. Khabib is coming off a sound win in November over Justin Gaethje while maintaining his perfect record and immediately retiring after the match. I think Khabib has a lot left to offer the sport and I think his retirement was premature but I’m no expert. It could just be possible that he already spent the cool 10 mil he made of his last fight on mink coats. However I will do a further write up as more news develops around that story. But for now, ESPN+ January 23, 8pm. Just order it. It will honestly change your life.

So that’s what we are looking at right now in the sports world. Pretty exciting time with some hugeeee events to kick off 2021. Excited to break it all down as it unfolds for you guys and let me know what I missed!

Cred out!

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