To start off this post I would like to first take a couple lines to thank everyone from Bota for letting me be a part of an amazing team. Growing up it was always my dream to get involved in the sports world (the ultimate goal being to play in the NHL) but when that was ripped from my clutches when I stopped growing in the 6th grade I turned my focus to the covering the teams I’m passionate about. I never had the outlet or platform to promote my blogs and James, Zach, and Chris gave me the opportunity to do so and I am forever grateful for that opportunity.

I would also love to thank each and every one of you who reads the blogs, and interacts with us on social media. You all allow us to do what we love and make it such an incredible experience every day. I greatly enjoy roasting each and every one of you who attacks my teams daily.

At the beginning of December I started a new job out in Pennsylvania and have been working on getting adjusted to the new commute and building a new routine. On top of that I just finished moving late last night so its been a hectic end of the year for me. My main goal (no it’s not a resolution…goals motivate me way more) is dive head first into creating a lot content for you all and continue to help growing the Bota faithful. I am super excited and have some cool ideas floating around in my washed up brain that I cant wait to run with. With that being said, I would love to hear what you guys would love to see, read, interact with. My main focuses up until this point have been the NHL, UFC and the shitty Jets…just about the most underwhelming line up there is haha but would love to get start up a new project that you guys would truly be interested in. Let me know what, if anything, you guys have in mind. Here’s to 2021 and making it an absolute banger. Love you all!

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