Dwayne Haskins was Not Wearing a Mask at a Strip Club

It can be challenging being a young kid with what seems like endless wealth. You’re constantly in the eye of the media and it can seem like everyone is out to get you.

I’m basing that assumption purely off of the HBO Series Ballers. I am a 25-year old kid who’s a Bartender and wears the same pair of jeans at least 10 times. It’s gross I get it, move on.

Dwayne, you haven’t nearly lived up to your expectations, you’ve lost the starting job multiple times. It’s safe to say you’re a draft bust. You are still a part of that team. Staying healthy is still crucial to your team, especially this time of year.

I get it, sex is cool, you need to blow off steam, but this is your lively hood. Going around and fucking with your health and the health of your teammates isn’t okay. It’s a fucking pandemic.

When the general media sees photos like this it catches like wildfire. You have to know that. Putting yourself In an awful situation is only hurting your future.

Washington is heading in the right direction, but sadly you shouldn’t be a part of it. You are doing nothing but hindering their success.

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