First Look at the Reverse Retros

Some look insane, and some didn’t change at all. I knew the potential was there from the start but these types of projects always seem to come out looking like shit. While a couple teams were given a subpar sweater (yes I’m talking about the devils…) that being said, there are some absolute fire threads in here.

Calgary for starters completely overtook their old logo with this absolutely masterpiece. I mean come on, its a fucking horse with fire coming out of it’s nose, What 9 year old would want to rock that at a game or anywhere for that matter. I may have just become a Calgary fan and I’m completely ok with that. The Yotes also got a sick setup. I’m a sucker for the small detail and the strip of the desert on the bottom of the jersey came out in a major way. The two tone Kachina also looks super sick up against the purple. The Ducks hit gold as well with there design, it’s just a shame that they are such a weak team now sporting a “jacked up” duck but I digress. I had higher hopes for the Av’s jersey when I saw the tease pictures but it still falls in the top third out of all of them. The King’s remind me of the Lakers so that sucks. Vegas adding the red absolutely floored me but I dig them. Think it’ll look really good on a snapback. The Capitals and Blue Jackets came out buzzing. All I can think about is the Ovi goal from his back. It’s great to see the Whalers logo back in the league for sure.

The rest didn’t even try. They are all like that kid in eleventh grade who just complete forgot about the assignment and just handed in a rough draft he put together as the teacher is walking up and down the aisles collecting the assignment. A grand total of zero difference in the Flyers, Oilers, Nashville, Toronto and Islanders. The blues changes one main color to red. The Devils went back to the green (FUCK). Jets changed one color, and all the other teams aren’t worth mentioning. Not super thrilled with the outcome as there was just about endless possibilities to make these absolutely insane. Kind of underwhelmed by the finished product just like all my teachers were with my homework but whatever. It is what it is. What do you guys think of your teams jersey?

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