Top Three Sports Moments This Year.

This is strictly a matter of opinion and would love to see what your top three sports moments this year are as well. You have nothing to worry about in this being a biased article because my teams (not only this year) but over the past decade have been complete dog shit…So without further prolonged, shitty, non-comical poorly constructed, weak intro, here we go.

Number 3: We have the Joe Kelly (Dodgers 4 eyed pitcher) just absolutely abusing the Astros after the they we granted complete immunity in return for information on cheating their way to a World Series last year. This series of events takes place after the MLB commission came out and backed the Houston Astros players saying that if they were thrown at, suspensions would be handed out. Does not make sense to me either but hey, there’s a reason I’m writing a blog right now and not running the MLB… To set the scene, Joe Kelly comes into the game with a three-run lead against the Astros and immediately begins struggling to find the zone. He’s got Bregman at the plate (one of the suspected ringleaders of this whole cheating scandal). Now with a 3-0 count its very typical that the pitcher comes in with a fast ball right down the middle of the plate. Joe Kelly on the other handed, rips a 96MPH fastball about two inches behind Bregman’s head. Fucking legendary move in my opinion. The fear that came across Bregman’s face was something that every fan, player, and coach across the country needed to see on this warm night at the end of July. We all needed some sort of justice to take place and Joe was not done delivering it. So now with Bregman on first thank God that he wasn’t at the plate anymore, Kelly proceeds to “attempt” to pick him off. Now I have been around the sport for the last 20 years and I have never in my life seen someone continue to pitch at a batter he just walked, and that’s exactly what he was doing. With each pickoff attempt (at least 3 in total) he was clearly aiming at Bregman’s ribcage keeping throws intentionally off the bag and aimed directly at him.

He gets the ground ball he was hoping for, unfortunately not the double play ball though as the throw back to first was a half-step to slow and as Kelly begins walking back to the mound a hot mic picked up a whiny little bitch from the Astros bench say “Just get on the mound little fucker” Absolutely incredible how much headspace Joe Kelly acquired in the Dodgers head in about four minutes lol. He proceeds to walk Gurriel on four pitches (yes he absolutely brought a fastball up and inside) and now Alex Correa (another suspected ringleader of the trash can scandal) walks gingerly into Joe Kelly’s office. First pitch thrown: Off speed directly at the head of Correa who narrowly avoids a concussion by dropping to the dirt. Second pitch: fast ball up and inside and Correa, who was visibly rattled after the first pitch, has had to have lost all sense of focus. Kelly proceeds to get Correa to strike out swinging to end the inning and as he’s walking off the mound turns and says, “nice swing bitch” and continues the big dick energy by throwing severe faces at Correa. I’ve always hated the dodgers but since this I have been the biggest Joe Kelly supporter on the planet. (He was in fact suspended 8 games for this, but God was it worth it.)

Number 2: The Lakers putting on an absolute shit kicking the NBA bubble for the late great Kobe. Will my hate for Lebron, and the Lakers is still very prominent and always will be, I think what they brought to every Laker fan and more importantly every Kobe fan was exactly the kind of storybook ending that just doesn’t happen anymore, yet they did it. This weird ass year started off with TMZ breaking the Kobe Bryant news back in January and ever since then its just been one thing after another. Kobe had been the backbone of LA for as long as I can remember, and this was one incredible way to honor him one final time. While he may not be here physical, he lives on in every fade away jumper, every classroom paper tossed into a trash can while mumbling “Kobe”, and every jersey with the numbers 8 or 24 on them. Mamba out but never will it be Mamba gone…

Number 3: The double cheeseburger feen himself Mr. Reid, and the billion-dollar boy Mahomes leading the chiefs to their first Super Bowl in 50 years. In a 10-10 game going into the half it was just about anyone’s game. As the whole world watch the halftime show, which was the first thing to divide the country this year, as females thought it was highly inappropriate and males thought it was the best halftime show they had ever seen. With both parties turning to twitter to become keyboard warriors and defend their opinion, the 49ers came out and gained a 10-point lead before anyone new what had happened. While I was deciding how I was going to spend my winning bet money on the 49ers and the commentators began calling Mahomes to young, and that the game was all but over going into the fourth quarter. Now if you blinked you missed it, as the Chiefs extremely bullied the 49ers. Mahomes rejuvenated his team and earned himself an insane contract during that performance all while bringing Kansas City the Lombardi trophy. After Mahomes achieved the most sought-after goal in every football player dreams, he then bought a piece of the Kansas City Royals. There is absolutely nothing this kid can’t do both on and off the field. I learned an unbelievably valuable lesson that night which is I will never, under and circumstance, bet against the Chiefs and Mahomes again…

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