A Much, Much Darker “Same Old Jets”

Well…Here we are again. Not three days since my last blog about the dreaded Jets. While the last topic on the Jets testing positive for Covid-19 and having the game against The Cardinals get postponed (Yes as stated in my last blog, I did in fact hammer the Cardinals -7) did not come to fruition, my team has still managed to take 48 steps backward yet again.

Before people jump down my throat saying “it’s your own fault for having you hopes up this year.” let me set the record straight. I knew full well that the jets were yet again going to produce another losing season. I knew that the offense would be in complete shambles again. I completely and fully comprehended the concept that the defense would get torn to shreds against the schedule that they were given this year. My hopes for this team, in this season being successful, were not up. That being said, I expected more. I thought there would be even the slightest sense of compete level. I had envisioned some sort of progression coming off of the tail end of last season’s glimmer of a competent football team. Yet here we are, headed into week 6 of the season, and not only have I come to terms with ending 0-16 (a statement I’ve been preaching since week one) but I have now lost all season of hope for this team long term. Understand me when I say long-term because we aren’t talking about the next 5-7 years. Long-term for the New York Jets is the next 5-7 decades.

I’m still working on wrapping my head around the Adam Gase hire that we are now a year and a half removed from. I am going to break down some of the absolutely incoherent moves after his job was secured as the Jets bench boss. I’m also going to lay out the success of those that were trapped on the dolphins with him as the coach because guys like Devante Parker and Ryan Tannehill are now having incredible break out years now that they are out form under Gase’s thumb. No it’s not a coincidence, and if that’s what came to mind for you, shut up. I am so tired of people defending this guy.

Since Gase took over, we have seen:

1) The loss of their best overall and defensive player in Jamal Adams, and don’t come back at me with the week argument “yea but they got an insane haul for him’ because they got draft picks… and the Jets have no fucking clue what to do with draft picks.

2) Three months later we watch the best offensive player on the Jets get dropped. Don’t tell me that anything that has happened this year is on Bell, just look at last season. One of Gase’s first comments when he joining the organization was that he was unhappy with with the Bell contract. Ever since that comment he has had it out for Bell. He benched him for over 50% of the snaps last year and while bell was in, non of the play calling was tailored to his skill set. When you have a generational talent in Bell who has an incredible sill set, you work your offense around that. You don’t try to change Bell’s style.

3) Robby Anderson was exactly what Sam needed in a wide receiver weapon. Is he on the Jets now? Nope

4) We’ve seen Gase absolutely destroy the career of Darnold long term. I still believe that Sam has all the potential in the world, and put in the right environment, with weapons in place and an offensive game plan in line with his abilities, he will succeed. There’s no question about it. Gase has continued to turn a blind eye toward the weapons and skill sets the Jets had, and tried to mold everyone into something completely different.

I honestly have no idea how this guy still has a job. If any of us fucked up half as much as he has we would have lost our jobs on the spot. It all goes back to the Johnsons. They just dont care, and for some reason they still believe they have “their guy” when in essence they have not only lost the majority of that talent that suited up every Sunday, but they’ve lost the interest of every person across the country who bleeds green and white. I’ve stopped watching, and i know many of you have to. You can have all the talent in the world on the field but if the guys in the suits up in the press box don’t give a fuck, the team will never be successful. I guess their goal now is to draft Lawrence first overall but at the end of the day that wont change anything for the Jets. They’ve lost all the talented supporting cast and veteran leadership, and have butchered any credible to have big name free agents sign here in New York based on how the organization treats the players. If you’re a Jets fan like me we are absolutely fucked long term and there’s no two ways about it. Buckle up for the next half century and spend time with your families on Sunday away from the tv during football season because it isn’t getting better and it wont until the Johnson brothers sell.

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