Lakers 2020 NBA Champs

The Los Angeles defeated the Miami Heat in 6. Miami Heat coming in as the underdogs and led by Jimmy Butler showed the world they belonged in the NBA Finals. Lebron James and Anthony Davis had a tough path to the finals. Playing the hottest team in the NBA bubble, Portland Trail Blazers, and beating them in a gentleman’s sweep. Next round they faced off against a team with two MVP in James Harden and Russell Westbrook. Like before ended the series in a gentleman’s sweep. (4-1). In the conference finals Lakers were met by the comeback kids of the NBA Bubble, the DENVER Nuggets. Named the comeback kids because of their consecutive 3-1 comeback series wins against the Jazz and Clippers, a favorite to win the Title. Lebron and Anthony Davis faced off against Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic and won the series in another gentleman’s sweep. Lebron and the rest of the Lakers organization were not playing around when they uttered “Jobs not finished”; the famous words Kobe said when being up 2-0 in a series.

Now Lakers versus Heat, NBA Finals, 0 Covid cases for 170+ days. The NBA season has been a roller coaster but one to remember. With the death of Kobe on everyone’s mind, and everyone doing their part to fight for social justice, this NBA championship deserves an asterisk for being the weirdest and toughest season ever. Lakers versus Heat was exciting to watch. Jimmy Butler and the Heat embracing the underdogs role were able to do something no other NBA playoff team could do, which is win 2 games. The world has seen with their own eyes that Jimmy Butler is an elite player in the NBA. Though his efforts were amazing the Lakers would win the series 4-2. They would also dedicate this series to the Great Kobe “Bean” Bryant.

R.I.P Kobe Bryant.

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