Bitch Pigeon of the Day #1

We are going to start a new segment here today in the middle of the blog. “Bitch Pigeon of the Day” and to some surprise Tampon Brady will not be receiving the award after not being able to count to four in last nights game against the Chicago Bears. What a washed up dude though ill tell you that much.

The Bitch Pigeon award of the day is going out to the New York Jets today after news reports broke that there has been a positive Covid-19 test in the facility. Because starting 0-4 this season wasn’t bad enough for these guys. Because Sam Darnold getting hurt and will miss extended time for the third straight year wasn’t enough. Because Adam Gase press conference lines post game “Well I just have to go to work tomorrow and make sure my teams ready for next weeks game.” after losing the only game they had a rats ass chance at winning wasn’t bad enough. And Gase lets be honest for just one quick second here. You haven’t done anything over the last year and five weeks to prepare this team to get ready for a game. I still have no idea why you are the head coach and all of New York has no idea either. I just hope to god that you listen to Boomer and Gio in the morning on your way to Florham Park because they rip you constantly. Monday is usually my favorite because they try to dissect (unsuccessfully of course because you are an absolute mad man) your “coaching methods from the day before. I’ll list some examples here for those who dont know how bad it truly it.

1)Benching Bell, 2)Sending in players after they came off the field hurt and not able to play, 3)Calling time outs when your team is down by 30 with a minute left to “frustrate the other coach” (you petty fuck) and the list goes on and on and on and yet you still somehow still have a job. Last thing ill say on Gase though is that i am very fortunate to work for myself and truth be told if i did the kind of job you do daily, i would have fired myself a long long time ago. Unbelievable.

Because all this wasn’t enough for us Jets fan, and I guess neither have the past 50 years, some clown tested positive for this shit. 3 months ago I said they can’t surprise me and honestly I’m not surprised by the news. If anything I guess it just means I dont have to watch the Cardinals bitch slap this pop-warner team. The only thing I’ll miss out on is putting my lifesavings on the Cardinals -7. For those of you that do bet though, the safest thing to bet is against the jets spread, every week as long as Gase is coach, the Johnsons are the owners, and i hate to say it, as long as Darnold is the QB. the quickest way to fortune is betting against the Jets. I dont care it the spread is -23.5 and they are playing the browns… You take that spread and you take it hard.

So in day one of this ne segment, the Bitch Pigeon of the day award goes to the New York Jets Organization. I fully expect them to be in this winners circle frequently as they are in fact the worst sports organization in all of professional sports globally. Congrats guys, I am so proud of you guys for some how finding away to digging the hole deeper than anyone ever imagined was possible.

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