New England, Stop Hating on Brady

I need to go on a small rant about Pats fans. I knew they were one of the worst fan bases but this is insane. All these people hating on Brady and being happy he lost and everything need to rethink things. PSA, I am not a Pats fan so this is a non-biased article.

This dude is 43 years old and is the greatest QB of all time. He brought you to 9 Super Bowls, won 6, and broke many records in a Pats jersey. You should be grateful for his time in New England and wish him the best on his career. So what, he had a bad game, it happens. He had many for the Pats and y’all continued to cheer him on and lift him up. His decision has nothing to do with football at this point.

At his age, he knew he didn’t wanna retire in New England, and do you blame him? Awful winters? All 4 seasons in 1 day? I would choose Tampa too! And I guarantee a lot of his decision was based on his family and his brand! Let’s put my sports marketing hat on, which I do have a degree in. He tapped all of the New England market for TB12. I don’t know if y’all saw the shirt he wore prior to the Saints game but it said, TBxTB, that is some dope marketing. The amount of fitness professionals and athletes in Tampa, TB12 is going to skyrocket in sales. This was a great decision for him!

I want to reiterate, I AM NOT A PATS FAN! I couldn’t care less where he went, but Tampa is great for him. So just think about his family and business too. He probably didn’t wanna leave New England but knew it was in his best interest. So Brady, best of luck in Tampa and best of luck for TB12!

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