BOTA’s 300th Official Post!

Man, BOTA has really come a long way. First and foremost, BOTA Sports has just turned 1! Growing up on me and the bois so fast. I remember when James threw up the idea to start a sports blog, Chris and I were hesitant at first. We didn’t know what the hell to put up. James decided that he was going to just write an article, and start our very own website. BOTA Sports started with one article from James. Why Antonio Brown Doesn’t Make the Patriots a Superbowl Contender was the first ever article BOTA Sports published as a group. And man, it was, uh, interesting. Check out the article below.

Once this post hit the ground running, Chris and I joined right in, doing our first post the very same week. I went for the more general approach and chose to give an outlook on the 100th NFL season. I predicted that the past season would be “a year for the defense”. Little did I know we’d see one of the best regular season defenses of all time in the Patriots (at least for the first half). Chris decided to be bold, and claim that our Patriots would go undefeated, which I was very hesitant to agree with. I mean, whenever everything seems to fall into place, like that Antonio Brown signing, things always tend to balance themselves out. I think we can agree that the Patriots’ season is clear evidence of that.

After about a month of running the blog, the bois and I decided to go full steam ahead and give the podcast game a go. That’s when BOTA Cast was born. Pretty self explanatory as far as the title goes. We started off small, only doing NFL previews and recaps. That’s where Drew joined on. Drew brought another outside perspective to a New England dominated football view (he’s a Packer’s fan, if you didn’t already know). With the four of us, we powered through the first few months, spewing out articles and podcast, one after the other. Shortly after, Royce and Phil were added to the team, to keep on adding to our dynamic sports perspectives. Royce brought more college football, NFL, and MLB insight with him. Phil, who freelances for us, brought us NBA knowledge. Eventually, we even brought in our guy Mike, who is now co-hosting our hockey podcast, Taping the Shaft, with me!

As we closed out 2019, the blog had hit around 700 total views, a modest, but satisfying number, seeing as though we had only stated the blog 4 months before the end of the year. The bois and I set our goals high, trying to hit 10,000 views by the end of 2020, figuring that it would be a pretty high number to achieve. Then the pandemic hit, and everything went to hell. Sports stopped, the world just crumbled, and everyone started loosing their minds, not being able to do anything outside of their house. Finding any sports content to write about at that point was really hard. James trucked through, and made some killer content for us. Chris and I had a really hard time finding anything to go off of. Eventually Chris found his groove, and the content started pouring out again.

Once May hit, all of the bois were back on full gear, as sports started to heat up again. Talks of how we would get back to playing any sort of game(s) started up, and the bois were on the scene. That was the first month we hit over 1,000 views on our site. It was honestly pretty crazy to think that we were able to gather more views in May than we were able to in the 4 months of 2019. Same thing happened in June for us again, as we neared 2,000 views in a single month. We started pouring out video content right around that time as well. Top 10’s and Intalksicated were introduced to spice things up in the podcast department. If you haven’t seen my favorite segment “Call Chris and the Hang Up”, you’re missing out big time.

Last month was when things really got crazy. The bois and I hit over 5,000 views on the site. One of James’ articles got most of those views ALONE. Shoutout to James for that FIRE article, we proud AF. If you haven’t read that article either, here it is: This is James in his prime ladies and gentlemen. Don’t miss out.

It’s September 10th, 2020. BOTA has officially been around for a year. In this short time, we have done what we thought was unthinkable. We found what we all loved, and we made our goals a reality. The bois and I grind every day, and we won’t stop until we make it big. James, Chris, Drew, Royce, Phil, Mike. You guys fucking rock. Couldn’t have asked to have better peeps to run this shit with. As always BOTA World, I’m Soggi Boi, and this is BOTA Sports. Now, LISTEN TO OUR LATEST PODCAST WHERE I THIRST OVER TIM THOMAS AND HIS (probably) HUGE SCHLONG.

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