Thom Brennaman Threw Out a FAT Slur on Live TV

Hot Mics are notorious for catching people at their worst.

Swearing, sexual harassment, and general vulgarity make the hot mic prime real estate for celebrities and common people alike to screw up.

Now at the plate, Thom Brennaman.

The Reds announcer had this to say.

If I had one word to describe this it would be OOF.

Dude! What does that even mean? Where is he talking about?

I don’t think of gay people when I think of Cincinnati. I think of gross “chili” and disappointment.

I love how he tries to bail himself out, like 10s of uhh 10s (there can’t be that many reds fans right?) fans somehow missed him say “The F&@$ Capitals of the world.”

Here’s what Brennaman had to say about his mess up.

This is the most half assed apology I’ve heard in a long time. I’d say the odds are pretty heavy against you coming back Thom.

This just goes to show any aspiring broadcasters out there to watch out for the hot mic and just be a good person.

Fuck you Thom. (Nice h. Parents couldn’t have just named you Tom? Dick)

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