Rolling with Royce: NFC North

Last week I started with the AFC so I figured I would change it up. We are going to be looking at the AFC and NFC North this week. I know Drew can’t wait to keep reading this to see who will be the most impactful player for his Packers so lets go! 

Bears: As much as I want to say Kindle Vildor, the answer here is Cole Kmet. Watching him play TE at Notre Dame was crazy! With the lack of production from the Bears tight ends last season, this 6’6” monster has incredible speed and height. He can burn defenders and come down with jump balls. Luckily for Trubisky, Kmet is tall and almost impossible to overthrow. Pending QB play for the Bears, Kmet will have close to 1,000 yards receiving and 10 touchdowns. Kmet will be very difficult to cover in the red zone.

Vikings: Another very obvious pick here. With trading away Diggs, they needed to address WR early and they hit the nail on the head with Jefferson. I think he will be Diggs 2.0 and potentially have a better connection with Cousins. Jefferson was my favorite player to watch at LSU and I cannot wait to watch him on the Vikings. You already know I made sure I got him on my fantasy team. After the first couple games, Minnesota won’t remember who they traded away; this is a guaranteed franchise player. Watch out for Justin Jefferson, 750 yards and 8 TDs. 

Lions: The NFC North is making my life super easy. Obviously the pick here is Okudah but I’m going to ask a quick question. Why did they draft Swift? They have Johnson. Is it injury concerns because if so, I get it but still unclear. Back to Okudah. He and Justin Jefferson matching up twice a year for at least 4 years… I might be watching every single one of those games. If you have not watched Okudah at OSU, stop what you’re doing and go watch his tape. This man is nasty. He is mainly a man coverage corner, and I think very relatable to Ramsey. It is possible Okudah will be better than him too! Okudah will shut down every receiver in the North, mark my words! Oh, and have like 5 picks too.

Packers: Here you go Drew. I am sorry I made you wait. Like the Eagles, I think they had a terrible draft. No reason to take Love or Dillon, and James will probably be mad that it’s not AJ Dillon. Jon Runyan is my pick, half because of his draft story and half because I think he will make an excellent guard. If you haven’t heard, Runyan got a call from Wisconsin while texting and accidentally hit decline. Yes, he declined a call from the Green Bay Packers. Luckily, they immediately called back and he answered. I know he played tackle at Michigan but watching him at the combine, everything points to a pro-bowl guard 1 day. I’m not saying he is a day 1 starter, but he once he gets the start, expect to see him every Sunday. 

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