Rolling with Royce: NFC East

BOTA! We are back with another one! This time we are going to look at the rookies in the NFC East! I hope y’all enjoyed my first one and look forward to the rest! Let’s get right into it…

Cowboys: This one might come as a surprise to you. The Cowboys have always had a great o-line, but recently lost Travis Fredrick. Somehow, they picked up, in my eyes, the best center in the draft…IN THE 4TH ROUND! I know he does have injury concerns and needs a little help with pass blocking but he was projected late first/early second for a reason. If he can stay healthy and get coached up, Travis Fredrick 2.0. And they will still have the best line in the NFL.

Eagles: This was such a hard pick because I think the Eagles had one of the worst drafts this year. Why would you draft Hurts, he isn’t Taysom Hill and will never be. I guess they did address their biggest need in WR so I’ll go there…Jalen Reagor it is; even though I am not high on him at all. Okay, so he is fast and can make defenders miss. That’s all I got. He needs to work on his hands and being 5’11” it will be tough for him to win jump balls. I think he has great potential if he can catch consistently but until he proves that, the Eagles are still at square one. At least the Cowboys will choke the division away to them again. 

Giants: Julian Love is not a safety. I don’t know why they tried him there but thankfully they drafted Xavier McKinney. This dude is a stud and I can’t wait to watch him and Peppers terrorize QBs. He can play everywhere on the field. They can have him and Peppers deep, have him back alone, in the box, blitzing,  McKinney can do it all. He hasn’t “earned” the starting spot just yet but wait, come week 1, he will be out there, and teams will know! McKinney, Defensive Rookie of the Year candidate with 6 picks and at least 5 sacks. 

Washington: A bias really wants me to say Antonio Gandy-Golden but when you get the best player in the draft, that’s the pick. Chase Young! I cannot wait to watch him sack Dak Prescott over and over until Dak wants out of Dallas! Young is going to have a better rookie season than Nick Bosa because, straight up, he is better than Bosa. In a couple seasons, Aaron Donald who? Chase Young is destined to be the best player in the NFL and he will prove it. He’ll have at least 16 sacks. Just be sure to watch his first step off the line, that lights up those sack numbers.

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