Rolling with Royce: AFC East

Football season is fast approaching, hopefully… To get into the spirit, I’ll be releasing 2 articles a week, about each division, and a rookie on each team to watch out for! Some will be their first round selection, but a lot will be later round steals! Since we live on the East Coast, let’s start with the AFC East!

New England Patriots: This was a tough decision because in my eyes because they hit on their first 5 selections. I think the Pats had one of the best drafts because they filled so many holes without a selection in the first round. With the 27th pick in the 3rd round, they selected Devin Asiasi, a TE out of UCLA. The Pats utilize their TEs more than most teams and it showed last season without Gronk. Asiasi is going to be an animal, especially since Newton continues the TE loving trend. He is a great route runner and receiver but needs to improve his blocking. I anticipate him having around 700 yards receiving and 7 TDs.

Buffalo Bills: As much as I want to say Jake Fromm just because of bias, it isn’t him. They have their franchise QB in Josh Allen so I’m still not sure why they took him. With their first selection coming in the first round, they used it to take AJ Epenesa, to pair with Ed Oliver. I don’t know how he fell this far but once again, Buffalo is able to snag a great pass rusher. If I’m any offensive coordinator or offensive line coach and I have to come up with a plan to stop Oliver and Epenesa, I don’t think I could do it. Getting Epenesa will help the Bills defensive line tremendously. I expect him to have at least 11.5 sacks and be in the backfield a lot. 

Miami Dolphins: Y’all thought I would choose Tua, huh? Nope! I am not very high on Tua because of his injury. I don’t care how many times his agent said he is healthy. Until I see him in a game, I’m not buying the hype. However, the hype of DT Raekwon Davis is real. He went back to Alabama instead of declaring for the 2019 draft and went from a first round pick to a late second round pick but I know the ability to disrupt any offense is there. I know he didn’t have the best season last year but the talent and size are there. He is 6’6 and 311 pounds but is so quick off the line! With his crazy pairing of speed and strength, I think he will easily have 13 sacks and be a contender for defensive rookie of the year. 

New York Jets: Finally we have a player where I can be biased! Denzel Mims! Learn the name because if you don’t know it yet, expect to know it by the end of the year. I know this Jets offense doesn’t have many pieces, especially with losing Robby Anderson, but Mims is a great player to step into that roll and will be Darnold’s favorite target! Mims is 6’3 and has a decent amount of speed. He can blow by defenders and go up and get a jump ball if need be. He can do it all and will have over 1,000 yards receiving and 6 TDs, if Darnold can stay healthy.

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