Fact: Washington Has the Most Underrated Backfield in the NFL

Washington has done an amazing job drafting running backs over the past three years.

On the other side of that, they have also done a great job at drafting running backs who are apparently made of glass.

This year feels different. My gut is yelling at me about how this will be the year the Washington Football Team (god I hate that) puts it together!

Everyone expects Guice to shine when he is healthy, two of his three seasons at LSU were 1000 yard seasons. He has the athletic ability, he just also has the knees of an 80 year old.

They also have Frank Gore Lite with Adrian Peterson. He has still managed to find success in his two years with Washington in 2018 he put up a 1000 yard season and 2019, 898 yards. He is still putting up numbers at the age of 35, but his clock is ticking.

So, if Adrian is expected to decline and Guice is a perennial question mark. Who is next?

Well I’ll tell you reader! Can I start by saying how elegant you look today? Love the shirt! Where’d you get those shoes? Oh. You’re reading this on the toilet… this is awkward.

They have a second year stud in Bryce Love sitting in the backfield somewhere. Love was second in the nation in rushing yards and rushing yards per game in 2017. Yeah, I can look at Wikipedia, nbd.

Bryce Love clearly has the ability to be a strong RB, it’s just a matter of him staying healthy. He was out last year with an ACL tear before he could even play a game.

Now let me tell y’all about my favorite underrated prospect from the draft that isn’t named Cole McDonald or AJ Dillon. That man is Antonio Gibson. The (offensive) Swiss Army knife of this years draft.

Gibson is booked as an RB, but he took more snaps at WR at Memphis. In two years, he amassed 834 receiving yards off 44 receptions and also managed 369 rushing yards with 10 tds. On top of all that, he is also a return specialist with 4 tds and 647 yards. (Stats bitch.)

The benefit of Gibson is also the issue with Gibson. Jack of all trades, master of none. Where exactly does he fit into the Washington Football Team’s (still sucks to say) system?

They have a weak WR core so I assume most of his snaps will go there, but as I mentioned before, their RB depth chart looks more like an IR list. Bank heavy on Gibson to get his chance in the backfield, but I would expect to se whim line up in the slot.

I didn’t include enough pictures, so here. Save this. Color it in. DM it to us @botasports and I’ll send you a free sticker. Stay in the lines. only valid until 8.1.20

If I’m Riverboat Ron, I am beyond pumped about how my offense looks, but who does he choose? AP is a great option, but you are limiting your future with him as RB1. I would run a committee. Allow AP to teach the young RBs by letting them get snaps.

That’s the smart idea.

The balls to the wall James approach is more fun. Ship off the Vet, make Guice your RB 1, Love would be your 2 and then use Gibson intermittently, but put him at WR and watch him shine. Balls meet wall. Wall meet balls.

The Washington Football Team (god it’s awful) has a decently talented QB with Haskins. Ron Rivera needs to be able to use all of his weapons to spread the offense and give his young QB a chance. In my personal opinion. It all starts with the backfield and giving him the ability to draw the defense in and use his arm for the long game.

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