Check 1, 2 We Are Back Boys!

After just about the longest 139 days of my life, the best sport on the planet is back and we are now less than an hour away from puck drop. I am so fired up. We have Pitt vs Philly, Montreal vs Toronto, and last but not least the vicious Alberta rivalry of Edmonton vs Calgary. Now while these games mean absolutely nothing, They are still televised and I will be glued to the tv from now until 1:30am. It will be different, but nonetheless hockey is back, and to all you bitch pigeons that kept saying to just cancel the season, you better not watch tonight or at all during the playoffs because what’s the point in continuing right? Makes no sense right? Bunchabums…. As far as an in depth breakdown and coverage of the NHL postseason, you can catch Soggi Boi @Zackburl and yours truly, Jersey trash Mike @notcredible on our hockey podcast @tapingtheshaft, We are live everywhere you listen to your favorite podcasts! Big things are coming from the pod so make sure you guys are subscribed as we will be dropping tons of content, top fives, challenges and tons more! Drop a comment on who you think takes the cup home this year and if youre right I will personally send you a @botasports and @tapingtheshaft care package!

Sincerely- Jersey Trash

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