Brandon McManus and Matt Prater are Competing for the Ultimate Prize

Let me tell y’all a story.

Matt Prater currently holds the record for longest field goal with 64-yards.

Bud light challenged Brandon McManus to break that this season.

Prater said fuck that, I want in.

Bud light, being a beer of the people, said screw it. Now, the challenge is whoever kicks the longest field goal gets free beer for their city.

As a guy who was pumped for the city of Cleveland when my Browns finally won and got their free beer, I love this for Detroit and Denver.

Do I want it for my city? Fuck yeah. Give more Bostonians Bud Light. But, I don’t know if I have enough faith in the kicker with the name I won’t even bother spelling and a formerly awful tattoo.

Pass the salt to the next post, this is a dope promotion and Bud Light isn’t losing any money doing this. They just come off as the cool uncle that lets you drive his cool muscle car.

Bud Light. I want to hate you. I just can’t. Congrats on winning the NFL season before it even started.

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