Jamal to the Seahawks.

I wrote about it three weeks ago and I said it in the last Bota podcast that he wasn’t going to be a Jet anymore. While i am extremely happy for Adams that he got dealt to a team that is already a contender, I am extremely frustrated for the future (or lack there of) of the Jets. While Sam is going to have an extremely huge year, we just traded the best defensive player in potentially not only the AFC but the league. The Jets defense has been the only bright spot of the team dating back to Broadway Joe, and now our bright spot is that Metlife Stadium is in the middle of nowhere off 95 and while I have to drive by it everyday for work, I don’t believe I will ever step foot in it as long as the Johnson’s own the team. This little fit (and rightfully so) that Jamal threw was the perfect exit strategy to get Gase fired. Let me remind you that Gase’s claim to fame was coaching Payton Manning………..in Denver. He’s Literally the guy at you job that no one in the office really knows how he got there or how hes kept his position. Just a straight up con-artist. But what did the Jets do? They keep the coach who isn’t even qualified to coach the local  pop-warner U8 team, and traded the best player they’ve had in over a decade. If you want to look at it differently, they have now essential put the entire weight of the team on Sam Darnold’s shoulder. Oh yea, and he has no weapons to throw the ball to. The team went from being able to sneak out a 21-17 or 24-21 win here and there to essentially needing to put up 40+ points a game to even have a chance now. “Its a bold strategy Cotten, let’s see if it pays off for em.”
*Spoiler alert*….it won’t

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