The Rays are Hitting Dingers and I LOVE IT

In this twisted time in our history. It has been refreshing seeing Social media accounts, businesses, and even teams speaking out against injustice and racism.

Side note. Fuck racism, it’s 2020 be a better human being.

Today is opening day, and America is focused on opening day! The Rays put out a hefty reminder to ARREST THE PEOPLE THAT MURDERED AN INNOCENT WOMAN.

I respect the hell out of this move. The Rays realize that this world is trash and baseball gives us a welcome distraction, but we can’t ignore the facts.

I’ve been saying this since Kaep, but if you have a platform you should use it. Don’t let follower numbers influence what you post. Do what’s right.

With anything, there are two sides to the coin and this guy is definitely different

I won’t make fun of someone for their beliefs, but dude… leave the stadium. That was a national tragedy and you are going to stay inside a dome and not watch them play? I bet you had your arms crossed too you giant 8 year-old.

Update: I am in fact the idiot here. Shout out to this guy for making a funny tweet that flew past my head. I went all in and then lost, but that’s show biz baby.

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