Dan Snyder and The Washington R̶e̶d̶s̶k̶i̶n̶s̶ Football team is a Bunch Of SIMPS

Washington. Dan Snyder. Are you serious? Have you ever heard “doing nothing can be as worse as causing harm”?

People have been waiting for you to change your problematic name for weeks and you decide to go with The Washington Football team?

Red Wolves, Red Tails, Sentinels, I mean shit call yourselves the indigenous people anything but the Football Team.

That’s like what happens when you get a sports video game with no rights to use team names.

You know what strikes fear in the hearts of other teams? The Football team of Washington. They announced this the same day that Seattle decided to call themselves the Kraken. That is Badass. The Washington Football team? Dumb. You got beat by Seattle….

Dan Snyder is the dude at the bar who talks to all the hot girls but then gets rejected and goes home to give him self some “self love”.

Is this because of the real estate agent that trademarked the names? You decided to settle because you’re too stubborn to pay the man?

Dan, you’re a simp. Sell the team, name it something cool and Ohh yeah HAVE A WINNING SEASON!

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