Let Me Introduce You All to the BC Recruit I Will Be Defending Irrationally for the Next Four Years

Earlier this week, Florida 2021 Commit, Clinton Burton Jr. said screw you to the Gators and switched his commitment to the Eagles of Boston College.

Knowing nothing about Burton Jr., I read his scouting report and he makes me excited for the future of BC football. Good to note, he is now the highest ranked commit that the Eagles have had since…uhhh…ever.

“But James, what does that mean? Are you going to defend this kid like you did AJ?”

You’re damn right voice in my head. I’m going to support this 18 year old. in all of his efforts to secure the bag in the draft. Is it kinda weird? Absolutely, but that’s what you do for your team right? (That doesn’t feel right).

Back to logic

The Eagles have also made massive moves in the offseason. They added Jeff Hafley, former Ohio State co-DC, and Patrick Kraft as their Athletic Director.

The addition of Hafley clearly brings a stronger defensive mindset to a team that has been lackluster on that side of the ball in recent years.

Although the defense has been meh at best, you can’t take away from the talent that they have produced with average caliber teams. Big shining example is Luke Kuechly.

Burton Jr. is a big step in the right direction. Build this team through the defense. If you want to compete in the ACC you have to go through Clemson. You have to attract top talent and develop every single player on the field.

Eagles fans, get excited.

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