Card Industry is Absolutely Booming… Are you on Board?

The Sports Card Industry has completely taken off over the last couple months and I’m definetly here for it. I, as probably so many of you, get thrown right into the heart of my childhood when sports cards are brought up. For me it is an instant walk down memory lane to sitting in my room for hours with those pain in the ass binder sleeves trying to organize by team, and then reorganize by player. I would also be willing to bet a lot of money that if you climbed up those half broken attic stairs (don’t lie, they creek and are broken in several spots), got on your hands and knees (because standing up in an attic can and will lead to breaking your spine), and crawled to the back corner next to that wooden high chair made in 1946 that your mom cant part ways with due to sentimental value, you’ll find your old set of cards. So sit back back with a cold one as I very poorly try to explain why it’s back.

So one of the main reasons the cards are back on the table (I threw up writing that pun) is because 30-40 years cards were at their peak, and now thos 37-47 year olds who collected them back then, are now showing their 10-15 year old kids their collections and are getting them involved now. It’s a pastime that’s now being past down. The amount of videos I’ve seen of middle aged men opening packs of cards with their kids online is insane, and also kinda makes me want to delete social media, but here we are.

Secondly, cards have come a long way and have upgraded tremendously from the packs we use to get with the brutal stick of gum it use to come with that we for whatever reason thought it would be a good idea to eat…which is probobly the real reason im 5 foot nothing and 108 pounds soaking wet. I swear that gum did something to my system. Now you have so many different parralles to cards and cool patches with game used addons, and draft day memorblia, not to mention numbered cards as low as 1 of 1s. Now while this sounds silly, there are hundreds of thousands of collectors out there who are looking for these types of cards. And you can bet your ass that if these collectors are looking for these ultra rare 1 of 1s, they are also looking for every other card of this particular player.

Thirdly, with influencers like Gary V pushing cards as an investment, covid shutting down sports, and everyone just absolutey sick of trying to track a hectic market, lots of people have turned to sprots cards as well. Since I’ve been back in the card game (Since the beginning of Febuary) I have seen incredible growth and upswing in the industry. One of the largest leaders in this upswing goes to the Topps 2020 Project. They dropped an incredible product and if you havent heard of it, I suggest doing a little research on it as it is a fasinating idea, which created a ton of demand earlier on. They grabbed 20 artists,and took the 20most iconic baseball cards of all time and remade them with their own spin on them. The release two a day monday thru friday, and you can purchase both cards that day for a total of 35$ dollars. Now heres where it gets intresting because they are only avaliable for 48 hours and then they are gone forever (causing a huge demand). The first ten cards that were dropped as part of this project have sold on ebay for right around 5k… Now I’m no math guy but if you were to buy cards 1 and 2 for a total of 35$, and sat on them for three months and proceeded to sell them for 5k each, you would have made 9,965$. Once again, I’m not really good at this stuff but I’ve reached out to a lot of experts and did a lot of research and it would appear that that is like a lot of money you just made. Very happy I have about 25 different cards as these will continue to rise especially with baseball starting back up next week.

As I stated before the card industry has blown up expenentially over that last few months and will contiune to rise as sports are begining to come back. I’ve definetly put some of my eggs in this baseket and am excited to watch them to continue to grow. I’m also super excited to be getting back into something I absolutely loved doing as a kid. Not only is it incredibly fun but if you know sports and can peg out some of these young kids jumping from college or the minors in the Major Leagues, there is a good chance you could make a very profitable second income.

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