MJ —-—— LeBron

***Disclaim: This article will be triggering for a lot of you out there who think that BitchPigeon LeBron is better than Michael Jordan.***

If you think that LeBron is better than the greatest to ever do it, MIchael Jordan, then take it to the comments section. I think the only people that think LeBron is better are children (yes i said you are a child because you think he’s better than MJ) under the age of 23. You are all just ignorant and I don’t understand why. MJ is just all together on another level in every aspect of the game. Lebron doesn’t even know what defense is and why it’s important to the game. His attitude on the court is that of a six year old who just dropped his ice cream cone on the ground and mommy won’t buy him another because this is the 14th time in 3 weeks he’s dropped it.

Jordan took the worst team in the league at the time and turned them into a dynasty. He willed them to win over and over again. He challenged his whole team to get on his level (see The Last Dance) and while that was and always will be impossible, he leveled up every player on his team. He turned ok into good and good into great. This is what a leader, champion, and warrior does.

LeBronda left the Cavs because he couldn’t take the worst team in the league at the time and turn them into a legit contender. It’s even said that he left because he was sick of being the star. He never has and never will have what it takes to transform a team. He left to form a “Megateam” with Wade and Bosh (this is the first reason he is a BitchPigeon). Now I’m no genius but that’s just about the same as me (a 25 year old) getting into a fight with my nephew (6 years old) and telling him I’ll be right back and show up with my two older brothers…..Not cool at all. He couldn’t get it done on his own or get the guys around him to level up, and that makes him nothing more than Lebum. I don’t care who you are or what you do. If you can’t get the job done, and then leave to go to a place where it’d be 10x easier to get it done and you’d be doing a third of the work, you’re weak. He then decided to go back to the Cavs but only because Kyrie was there, and the amount of high draft picks Cleveland had coming up was insane. Once again he took the easy way to a “Title”. Yes it’s in quotes because Lebitch did it the easy way as he always has and always will.

Jordan on the other hand never quit on his team. He never even considered forming a “Megateam”. That’s literally what the olympics are for. Jordan instead willed and drove a dynasty. He didn’t call Reggie Miller, or Magic, or Isiah and say “Hey man we all want the title so let’s form a great big team and get it that way. Fuck outta here. He put in the work, day in and day out, and got the ring that way, and then proceeded to get five more of them.

Let’s fast forward to the present and check on the “LiLBitchBronie” (Patent Pending). He’s putting in the hours at the gym, working his ass off trying to turn HIS team into a dynasty…Oh wait, He left cleveland AGAIN and has since lured superstars around the league to come join him. He continues to take the easy way out, and Jordan never did.

And lastly, if you try and trademark the phrase “Taco Tuesday”….. you’re the furthest thing from a champion.

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