And the Devils select, *looks at index card confused* Lindy Ruff…?

Man my sports teams make me so mad. A couple weeks back I wrote about my beloved Jets because they shot themselves in the foot, and today we are writing about my beloved Devils shooting themselves in the damn kneecap.

I have no clue what to make of this move. Is it Josh Harris (owner) trying to save a couple pennies? Is this Lindy Ruff the best man to be the bench boss in Jersey? Personally, I think this is a bonehead move from an organization that was doing pretty well in the midst of a rebuild (minus the Subban acquisition of course).

You had several incredible candidates on the table and you went with the most undesired, unknown, ball of blah you could find. I Would have preferred Doug Glatt behind the bench over this guy. But jokes aside and in all seriousness what was wrong with Gerard Gallant? I feel so bad for this guy. I still have no idea why Vegas canned him. He turned a group of misfit 3rd and 4th lines into a Stanley Cup team, in an inauguration season. That doesn’t happen. He took them back to the playoffs last year as well, and they were doing just fine when he got gassed. Having a .601 winning percentage as the boss bench for vegas racking up a 118-75-20 record. This guy has gotten the short end of the stick time and time again. The Florida Panthers did him the worst, firing him via the phone and sending him a yellow taxi to pick him up from the arena. I really would have loved to see what he could have done in the Devils organization given the young talent they have on the team and in the AHL. But what do I know? I’m just a 25 year old workaholic from Jersey, but I guess Gerrard will get yellow taxied somewhere else and absolutely crush it.

The Devils also had a shot at snagging up Peter Laviolette from Nashville and would have been way better off with him as well. He’s consistently been to the playoffs as Nashville has been a dominant team of late, I think he just lost the room there. Still an outstanding coach nonetheless. With a win percentage .616 over the span of 451 games and notching 32 wins in the playoffs since arriving there in 2014, Lavi was my second choice for the job. But once again, what the hell do I know…just an angry kid from jersey.

I honestly don’t think the Devils made the right move here. It’s not even me being biased given that I’m a diehard fan. They just dropped the ball so hard. I’d prefer my 6 year old nephew who’s two seasons into PAL ball hockey over Ruff. And know you assholes, it’s not because he’s coming from the Rangers. He just hasn’t accomplished anything in his time as a coach. People are going to give me shit for saying that given he won the Jack Adams Award back in 2006 but he hasn’t done shit since. At the end of the day I just don’t see it going well and I hope and Pray he proves me and every other devils fan wrong because we are all pissed off about it but I don’t think he will. I think this will just be another set back for the wildly mediocre hockey team I love. So let’s raise a glass to yet another shitty year of sports that I get to deal with, another year of me balding over these stupid teams, and to Lindy Ruff…whoever the hell he, she, or it is….because quite frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn or a fuck anymore.

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