Fight Island is finally here, and I will fight any of you pigeons on it or in the comments…

UFC 251
Its that time of the week again as we buckle down for another absolutely insane night inside the octagon. Not only that but it is taking place on a freakinnn island in Abu Dhabi.

I’m fired up to see this place and how they built it. I’ve been absolutely dialed in for the last month when the news broke that the island had gotten reserved, and then to kick of the tenure on the island with this card…..are you kidding me? Two weeks ago I came out and said that everyone needed to watch Poirier vs Hooker and it turned out to be the fight of the year so far and arguably a top 5 bout all time. Well this week we are in a very similar boat with a must watch card start to finish. (Yes I know i keep saying it and no I don’t care because everyone should be watching UFC already but here we are).

We’ve got Oezdemir, Santos, and Henry all fighting in the Prelims and then in the main card we have Yan (14-1) vs Aldo (28-6) which if that wasn’t enough for you its a title bout. Volkanovski (21-1) vs Holloway (21-5) (this is a nastyyyyy match up) for the co main and for the main we are given Usman (16-1) vs Masvidal (35-13). For those new to the UFC world….this is a crazy lineup.

Masvidal two fights back (July 2019) delivered UFC’s fastest knockout to date….5 seconds into the fight. Ben Askens (the fighter on the wrong side of the record breaking fight) retired before he was out of the building that night. Moral of the story is Masvidal has always and always will dummie anyone that he fights. Am I concerned he got the phone call to fight two days ago? Absolutely not. He’s as proffessional as they come and will have no problem making weight and fighting Usma, and i hope he forces Usman into retirment too.

Petr Yan vs Jose Aldo is also a fight I’m super fired up for. Both are extremely skilled and entertaining fighters and with this being a five fight round it’s going to get intense quick.

For all six of you who read my blog post, if any of you like to gamble or want to make the night a little more interesting hit up one of my great friends on Instagram @combatsportsinvesting and let him know i sent you. He’s always dialed in and has won me boat loads over the last couple years with his picks.

Anyways, sit back and enjoy what is bound to be an electric card of fights from start to finish of Saturday night. I know without a doubt that i will be glued to the tv. As always if you have any issues come pick a fight on Instagram with me. I will dust you faster then Masvidal’s record win!

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