The One BIG Shining Issue with the Sports “Bubble”

We are just around the corner from the return of sports and I can’t wait. I went from a desolate desert of dumb re-runs to having my brain force fed like a fat kid eating pudding.

Weird mental imagery, sorry, but sports are back! Which is great for us as fans, but what about players? Some have already opted out (like the entire Nets starting 5), but others are ready to go!

There’s just one problem. One big shining issue.

The players are locked into a hotel California type of deal where they can’t leave except to practice and play. Most leagues will be in this bubble for a couple of months. With limited contact from family members, including significant others.

Do you understand that I’m getting at yet? No? Okay, if you aren’t 18 or are easily set off by random people on the Internet please turn around and read any of my other articles or look at the kitten below.

Okay, for those of you that are left, hi! How are you? Good? That’s good!

Let’s be honest here guys I’m going to put this simply, we be horny. We aren’t even athletes, athletes are notorious for getting in trouble with sex scandals and cheating. What exactly is preventing them from going out in Florida and having some fun?

These leagues are begging the athletes to break the bubble and go out. So, what’s the solution?

I see two paths, you can either claim ignorance and ban players for every minor “incident.” Boring. The James path is better for the fans.

I say, tighten up security, lock that shit up like Fort Knox. The players will get pent up frustration because of this, tell the refs to ease up on personal fouls and let the athletes go at it.

Sounds backwards, but I want more basketball fights, sorry hockey but y’all know how to fight. I want some bad punches from basketball stars. Throw Mark Cuban in there with a steel chair and you’ve got pure entertainment.

You’re welcome America.

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