Liverpool Fans, We Need to Do the Unthinkable Today

Well, here we are. We are on the cusp of winning our first premier league title since 89-90 after routing Crystal Palace. All we need is for Man city to lose today!

There’s always more and this one is a tough pill to swallow. Ladies and Gentleman, today we will have to root for Chelsea…

I hate those blue bastards with a passion. The Fuckbois of the Soccer world Chelsea hold the keys to our glory.

I remember when I was a plastic fan and I thought Bayern Munich were the coolest team in the world. I watched as Drogba ripped my fake fan heart out in that champions league final.

I’ll never forget how Torres ruined his career by playing for that awful club. Granted, there was a lot of tension on both sides, but you didn’t have to go to Chelsea!

Enough anger, we need to focus. American fans, Chelsea kick off at 3:15 today. We all need to watch. We need to put our positive energy forward into this match.

If not, we play City next and honestly, that will be a hell of a game either way, but I need to secure it now so we can have an FU game.


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