Dear Deshaun Watson, Leave Houston.

Deshaun, we need to talk. Rumors are swirling about you wanting a three year extension in Houston.


You are one of the best young QBs in the league and a certified franchise QB. You have done so much for the Texans, but what have they done for you?

They traded away your best target and have done a horrible job filling needs for you. Bill O’Brien has unintentionally tried to screw you.

Granted, he’s a decent coach, but he’s an awful GM.

You can go out and win anywhere in the league, why Houston because they drafted you? That doesn’t mean anything. You have grabbed the reins and dragged the Texans to the playoffs time and time again.

I hate myself for saying this, but go to a team like New England. Bill will actually set you up for success.

Hell, even go to the Steelers. They next a successor to Big Ben! You’ll win a championship in 2 years there.

No one wants to see you end up as the next Dan Marino. Go get your trophy.



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