Adams wants out, and honestly so do I…


Let me start by saying I bleed green and white and have for the past twenty-five years of my life. With that being said, I can honestly say I am not surprised the New York Jets are yet again dropping the ball here with Jamal Adams. It only solidifies, in my opinion, how poorly they as an organization are run from the top straight down to the bottom, (Yes this is a knock on the medical staff after 98% of the team was injured last year. Let’s break it down. The Johnson’s don’t understand anything about the football world and are so far removed from the team. They never once showed interest in the team itself and never will. Buying the jets was strictly a move made by a couple of rich assholes trying to spend mommy and daddy’s money, and that is not a recipe for success in running an organization. This shit will continue to happen until they get run the fuck out of New York.

The GM slot has been a complete shitshow going back the last 20 years (because going back any further just gets way too painful). Bonehead decision after bonehead decision has left the Jets one of the largest laughingstocks of the NFL. From having about 3 successful draft picks over the last 20 years, to hiring complete pigeons to coach the team (Al Groh, Herm Edwards, Eric Mangini, Rex Ryan, Todd Bowles, and most recently Adam Gase). There’s been maybe 10 half decent coaching decisions made between all 6 of them, and I don’t remember what they were so who the hell knows anymore.

I mean Adam Gase……are you kidding me? Who the flying fuck thought it would be a good idea to hire this guy? No one noticed his LOSING record in Miami in his three-year stint there? Maybe he got the job because of his wicked peripheral vision (Yes this is a jab at his crazy eye press conference…on day one). No no no it’s coming back to me. It’s because he is known as the QB whisperer. Yea because he did phenomenal with Tannehill, Cutler, Moore, and Osweiler. I remember now.

It’s not all bad though. Last offseason the jets went out and got Bell. Great pickup and exactly what they needed to relieve literally of the pressure of the entire team that was riding on Sam Darnold’s back. All Gase had to do, literally all he had to do was, was utilize Bell, and he couldn’t even do that. Gase barely put Bell in the entire season and forget about Bell getting touches in high pressure, game changing moments. Gase sat him on the bench during those as well.

Adams wants out and I can not blame him at all. The Jets have continually fucked over their players time and time again and Adams doesn’t want to be next. I can’t blame the guy at all. As I fan it would be devastating to watch him go, but as I started before, I am not surprised as all. Jamal is the heart and sole of not only the Defense, but of the whole team. He deserves better than this organization though and I hope he gets it. He’s an all-star wasting away on a team that shouldn’t even be in a league at this point. I wouldn’t let anyone of these people in the jets organization coach my future kids pop warner team, let alone have anything to do with an NFL team. Yet that the world we jet fans wake up in every day. I hope Adams can go contended for a ring in an organization that will treat him the way he deserves to be treated and that’s not the jets, and honestly won’t be for another 50 years at this rate.

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