Clemson Football & The Cost of Racism

Every city in the world is holding Black Lives Matter protests. It’s awesome to see and gives my cold dead soul some optimism.

Trevor Lawrence led his team in a peaceful protest in Clemson, South Carolina.

I love that move by him. It shows leadership and unity. That’s the guy you want leading your locker room.

Fans of the University, or maybe just fans of racism, decided to ruin the peaceful protest by driving through with confederate flags hanging out their window.

He wasn’t the only person asking people to stop committing to the school.

I will never hide the fact that I’m a Gamecock fan and I want Clemson to Collapse. Never in a million years did I think we could see the collapse because of some morons who care about “state rights.” It was about slavery stop hiding behind that Billy Bob.

As of 7am June 15th we haven’t had any de-commits as a backlash, but I’m sure they are coming.

I salute every single athlete that de-commits. You shouldn’t play for a team, where the fans clearly don’t care about your life. They shouldn’t hate you on Monday and root for you on Saturday.

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