We are Starting to See a Change in Sports

Bubba Wallace has been very open as NASCAR’s first full time black driver. He wore a BLM shirt in the picture above and he said that confederate flags should be removed from NASCAR races.

Bubba Wallace secured a huge win yesterday when NASCAR announced that confederate flags will not be allowed at events and drivers do not have to stand for the national anthem.

Just to remind everyone, it’s 2020. Banning confederate flags shouldn’t be breaking news. It should’ve been done decades ago. There is no reason for that flag to exist.

Bubba did a great thing for a predominantly white sport, but that’s not the end.

Former MLB All-Star, Tori Hunter, came out and said that the racial abuse he experienced at Fenway Park made him add Boston to his “no-trade clause.”

Fenway quickly responded with a simple answer, “You’re right.”

Boston has been notorious for fans throwing racial slurs at players. Even Celtics legend Bill Russel has said that Boston fans are racist.

For Fenway to come out an openly say that Tori Hunter was right is a huge step forward. They said they removed 7 fans because of racist actions and there are more they couldn’t get. It’s sad to see my beloved city ruined by hate.

The battle isn’t over because of a few tweets. There have been small steps toward progress, but we need to start taking leaps.

Racism is still very prevalent in the beautiful game. I’ve seen multiple Italian clubs play a game in front of an empty stadium because of racist fans. I’ve also seen fans throw bananas at players in England. Soccer cannot be ruined by hate. More has to be done around the world.

The NFL has condemned police brutality and made a donation to a black charity, but more can be done. Bring back Collin Kaepernick. Not as a QB, because let’s face it, he’s bad, but as a consultant for the NFLs outreach program.

As a culture, we need to do better. Not for sports, but for the sake of humanity. For a group of humans that have been oppressed for ages. We need to do better.

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