Reggie Bush Should Disassociate with USC

Reggie Bush is arguably the second best Running Back from USC. He was part of the reason I started watching college football. Reggie was so entertaining and watching him break open big plays was poetry in motion.

We didn’t know it at the time, but Reggie was reviving benefits from an agent and potentially the school, but that was never discovered. The NCAA ended up banning the Trojans from post season football for two years and making them relinquish the 04’ title. Reggie was forced into giving up his Heisman.

Ignore the fact that Pete Carroll threw up the Twos and left conveniently before all this happened. It hurt Reggies legacy more than it hurt the program.

Well it’s 2020 and guess who wants to pretend to know you Reggie? USC. After all this time, they feel it’s right to acknowledge your existence.

Hey reader, do you remember me saying Reggie is arguably the second best running back in USC history? Do you know who the first is? OJ SIMPSON. The school still celebrates his accomplishments and he straight up killed someone (allegedly, but not really…he killed her).

As a program how can you feel good about that? Reggie did what a majority of D1 athletes are doing, he just got caught. You don’t think Urban Myer has some scratchy stuff going on in Gainesville?

If I was Reggie, I’d ignore USC. You were a college legend, who made a bad choice. SOMEHOW THAT CHOICE ISN’T AS BAD AS MURDER( he was never found guilty, but he was guilty let’s be real).

Screw them Reggie, you’re independent now you don’t need any association with USC.

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